Outputs: Deliverables

Work Package 1 Resources

Deliverable 1.1.1 Report of multi-stakeholder meetings Oct 2013
Deliverable 1.1.2: Integration of evidence-based knowledge and its application to science and management of fisheries and the marine environment (GAP2) Jul 2014
Deliverable 1.3: Report(s) on integration of lessons from trans-national comparisons, including specific recommendations and action plans for implementation where appropriate. May 2015
GAP2’s Impact 30 Months In Sep 2013

Work Package 2 Resources

Deliverable 2.1: Reports on specific mutual learning ‘events’, to be used in review. Dec 2014
Deliverable 2.2.1: Workshop Methods for Capturing and Integrating Research Knowledge Nov 2011
Deliverable 2.2.2: Participatory research workshop methods Apr 2014
Deliverable 2.2.3: The Methodological Toolbox May 2014
Deliverable 2.3.1: Single case study scientific papers; two general reviews Apr 2015
Deliverable 2.3.2: Non-scientific publications and media May 2015
GAP2 Deliverable Highlight Report 4 – Month 44 Dec 2014

Work Package 3 Resources

Deliverable 3.1.1 Manuscript on results of discourse analysis of published and non-published materials from participatory research activities (month 24) Apr 2015
Deliverable 3.1.2: Manuscript on participatory knowledge contributions to LTMPs Nov 2013
Deliverable 3.2.1: Putting the Science in the Regionalisation of the Common Fisheries Policy Jul 2014
Deliverable 3.2.2: Development of Common Language Manuscript (Month 40) Jan 2015
Deliverable 3.3.1: Policy brief on participatory research & the impacts on EU fisheries & marine environment policies. Apr 2015
Deliverable 3.3.2: Mechanisms for uptake of participatory research manuscript. Mar 2015

Work Package 4 Resources

Deliverable 4.1: “Report of interviews and documentary research on development of collaborative research” (Month 42) Jan 2015
Deliverable 4.2.1: Report of the first (before) consensus analysis and Q sort survey Dec 2013
Deliverable 4.2.2: Analysis of how participants’ attitudes change through collaborative research (Month 45) Feb 2015
Deliverable 4.3.1: Analysis of the Credibility, Legitimacy, and Salience of Cooperative Research. May 2015
Deliverable 4.3.2: Analysis of fit between collaborative research and management. Mar 2015

Work Package 5 Resources

Deliverable 5.1.1: Strategy for Outreach Activities Feb 2012
Deliverable 5.1.2: Interim report documenting impact of outreach to RUG & CSG Oct 2013
Deliverable 5.1.3: Final Report on evaluation and impact of outreach activities. (Month 48). Mar 2015
Deliverable 5.2.1: Website for Communication and Outreach Aug 2011
Deliverable 5.3: Outreach Media associated with activities undertaken in Task 5.2 and Task 5.3 (Month 48). Mar 2015
Deliverable 5.4: Symposium publication papers submitted to publishers. May 2015

Work Package 6 Resources

Deliverable 6.1.1 Final Interim Progress Report to the Commission May 2015
Deliverable 6.1.2 Final Report of the GAP2 Project May 2015
Deliverable 6.1.3 Terms of Reference and Action Plan for Steering Group Dec 2014
Deliverable 6.2: Report on Impact Review and Action Plan for GAP2 Dec 2014