Deliverable 3.1.1 Manuscript on results of discourse analysis of published and non-published materials from participatory research activities (month 24)

What we talk about when we talk about participation: Participation and participatory research in European fisheries management

Kari Stange, Environmental Policy Group, Wageningen University | 27.03.13 | Not to be cited without prior reference to the author


European fisheries management is changing. The process of reforming the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) from its 2002 version to a 2013 policy document is coming to an end. Focus is now turning to how the policy changes that have been agreed on at a political level are going to be implemented in practice. Issues that have been widely debated during the CFP reform process include how to move away from top-down micro-management in Brussels to a regional approach (regionalisation), implementation of an obligation to land all the catches (a discard ban), how to move towards longer-term management perspectives (multi-annual plans), and how to address multispecies and mixed fisheries management. The reform debates have engaged policymakers, managers, scientists, the fishing industry, environmental NGOs, and other stakeholders. Different priorities, values and views have become visible and knowledge gaps have been identified. Emerging drafts of the 2013 reformed CFP contain wording that re-emphasises the role os Advisory Councils and key stakeholder bodies that provide advice to the European Commission and to Member States (Council 2013). The need to further foster collaboration between the fishing industry and scientists is also emphasised. These current developments form the backdrop for discussions of stakeholder participation in European fisheries management and in research efforts directed to support fisheries management.

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D3.1.1 Manuscript on results of discourse analysis of published and non-published material from participatory research activities wsFor more information on this Deliverable, please contact Kari Stange on: kari.stange@wur.nlĀ 

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