Deliverable 3.3.1: Policy brief on participatory research & the impacts on EU fisheries & marine environment policies.

Deliverable 3.3.1: Policy brief on participatory research and the impacts on EU fisheries and marine environment policies. Including recommendations for support actions to improve services, structures and communication mechanisms to enhance uptake of participatory research.

This deliverable, submitted in month 48 of the GAP2 Project, outlines the final three policy briefs of the project.

GAP2 policy briefs provide easy-to-digest relevant information to policy makers. Their purpose is to provoke thought and stimulate debate on topical issues relating to deepening the engagement of stakeholders in governance of EU fisheries. In this deliverable we present three policy briefings focussing as follows:

Policy Briefing 3: Toolbox for Participatory Research – Focuses on the value and application of the projects Methodological Toolbox. (Page 3)

Policy Briefing 4: GAP2 International Symposium – Containing summaries of sessions that took place throughout the GAP2 International Symposium- Participatory Research and Co-management in Fisheries. (Page 5)

Policy Briefing 5: Outlines key outcomes brought about through long-lasting collaboration between fishers and scientists. (Page 10)

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To view the full set of GAP2 policy briefs on this website, click here.

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