What happened at the GAP2 International Symposium

GAP2 International Symposium 2015

Participatory Research and Co-management in Fisheries


Spain Galicia Case Study

Spain Galicia Case Study

In February 2015, GAP2 hosted an International Symposium on Participatory Research and Co-management in Fisheries in Barcelona, Spain.  The event allowed us to celebrate and reflect on the work of all GAP2 participants and partners over the last four years concerning participatory fisheries research in Europe and abroad.

GAP2’s purpose is to demonstrate the role and value of stakeholder-driven science within the context of fisheries’ governance. Put simply, we bring scientists, fishermen and policy makers together. The three day event comprising of moderated conversations, interactive presentations, workshops and a field trip proved to be extremely successful – with a particularly collaborative atmosphere!

What Happened

We’ve pulled together the event’s key messages and points of discussion into an Event Brief, so you can see what happened at the event, even if you weren’t there! Download the Event Brief here and for some more information on what happened throughout the event please click here

Who was there?

A list of those that attended the event can be found here. If you have attended the Symposium and cannot find yourself on the list, or wish for your details to be removed, please contact Lauren Weir.

Presentation Material

You can access a selection of the presentations that took place throughout the Symposium, by clicking here.

GAP2 Symposium Movie, Interviews and Cinema

Below you can find a short movie giving some insight as to what happened at the GAP2 International Symposium. You can watch additional interviews with fishers, scientists and policy makers during the event by heading over to our Youtube Channel.

What’s more, you can watch the films shown in the “GAP2 Cinema” too! The cinema hosted a selection of films showcasing participatory research and co-management across Europe. Sit back, relax and bring the popcorn.