Deliverable 2.3.1: Single case study scientific papers; two general reviews

This deliverable (2.3.1), submitted in month 48 of the GAP2 Project by the lead project partner, CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science), presents the application made to “Springer” publishers for a special volume focusing on the emergence of research practices and advice frameworks that allow for the co-creation of common knowledge bases for (fisheries) management.

The final publication will consist of 3 general scientific reviews (Chapters 1, 17 & 18) alongside chapters presenting the objectives and achievements of the 13 European case study projects. For each chapter we examine how the collaborative process worked over the lifetime of each case study and review the lessons learned when trying to integrate collective research into management decisions.

This deliverable provides abstracts for each publication chapter. The full articles can be obtained upon request to the Project Coordinator.

To download the full document, click here or on the PDF symbol above.

Please direct any questions related to this deliverable to Dr Steven Mackinson at CEFAS:

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