Our overall aim is to develop a fisheries-based monitoring system for Norway’s coastal cod.
The management of coastal cod is often controversial, causing heated discussions between scientists and fishers. But in this project, scientists and local fishers are cooperating to find out more about the coastal zone and how to overcome the challenges posed by the specie’s management.


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Our Progress So Far

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36 Months On: Progress review for Norway case study

With twelve months passed sinced the 24 month progress review, a new update is available on the GAP2 Norway case study.

Mar 2014
24 Months On: Progress for Norway Case Study

24 Months On: Progress report update on the Norwegian case study monitoring coastal cod.

Apr 2013
Smolts & Saithe. First Day of Norway-UK Exchange.

Rosie Magudia is accompanying a group of fishermen and scientists from the UK case study, as they visit Steigen, Norway.

Apr 2013
One Year On: Progress Update for the Norwegian Case Study

One Year On: Progress Update on the Norwegian case study investigating the abundance and distribution of coastal cod, 12 months into the GAP2 project

Jun 2012
October 2011 Meeting

A meeting between all partners is planned during the annual meeting of the fishers association in Trondheim in October 2011.

Oct 2011
Five Meetings Held From April – September 2011

During five meetings between April and September 2011, local fishers and scientists jointly developed a survey design to assess coastal cod abundance and distribution.

Oct 2011
First Meeting for Norway’s Fishermen & Scientists

Scientists and local fishers' discussed how to best estimate the coastal cod abundance, and how to draw on both fishers experience based knowledge and science.

May 2011

Next Steps

Over the next few months, we want to address how we can place greater emphasis on fishers’ knowledge, as opposed to scientific knowledge, within this participatory process. We will hold a meeting with all local partners in January 2013 where we can begin this process.

After visiting crabbers in Devon, UK (more here), we are now awaiting their return visit to Steigen in April.

And finally, we’re buying a digital camera for the participating boats, so that the fishermen can document what they see at sea, for example, uncommon species.

People Involved

Prof Petter Holm

Lead Researcher on case study

  • Professor in fisheries resource management at the Norweigan College of Fisheries Science at the University of Tromso, Norway.
  • Leader of the NCFS research group MARA
  • Petter’s research covers a range of issues including the relationship between science and politics in fisheries resource management, local knowledge, science and expertise, organizational processes and institutional change.
  • Email:

Dr Maiken Bjørkan

Researcher on case study

  • Postdoctor at the Norweigan College of Fishery Science (NCFS)
  • Maiken completed her PhD in 2011, and holds master degrees in international fisheries management and anthropology.
  • Maiken has mainly worked in the Mexican and Norwegian fisheries.
  • Email:

Jan Andersen

Steigen Local Coordinator within The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association

  • Having been a fisherman all his life, and active in various positions as a representative for fishers, today Jan is the representative for the vessel-owner Section.
  • Email:

Torleif Paasche

Department Coordinator at The Norweigan Fishermen’s Association.

Asgeir Aglen

Researcher on case study

  • Asgeir is a senior scientist at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR in Bergen, Norway
  • His research focuses upon coastal cod, stock assessment and the use of hydroacoustic surveys and bottom trawl surveys for to estimate the abundance of fish.
  • Asgeir is involved in producing fisheries management advice at ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea).
  • Email:

Stakeholder Participants


The Case of the Norwegian Coastal Cod

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