To produce a methodology that will enable the crab fishers to evaluate themselves the sustainability of the stock they exploit. Fishermen are distinctly aware of the movement patterns of crabs, and have ideas on what factors may be linked to changes to migration and behaviour. CEFAS bring the technological and analytic skills to be able to work with fishermen on tracking the movements of crabs and resolving more closely the factors that may influence crab behaviour.


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What We’re Doing

Our Progress So Far

36 months on: Progress update from UK Brown Crab case study

36 months in to the GAP2 project, the brown crab case study based in the UK provides an update on its progress over the last 12 months.

Mar 2014
24 Months On: Progress Update from UK Brown Crabs case study

24 months in, Prof Paul Hart provides an update on the progress of the UK Brown Crab stock case study.

Apr 2013
18 Months On: Progress Update from UK Brown Crabs case study

Working day-in-day-out on board crab fishing boats in Devon (UK), PhD student Emma Pearson has completed a year of data collection.

Nov 2012
GAP2 Exchange – Norwegians visit UK crabbers

Last week, fishermen from Norway spent three days visiting the UK to better understand how the Devon crab fishery is managed. What Happened Facilitated by the GAP2 project, cod-fishermen from Norway were hosted by crabbers and scientists working from Dartmouth, …

Oct 2012

People Involved

Prof Paul Hart

Lead Researcher on the UK Brown Crab Stocks case study

  • Now Emeritus Professor at University of Leicester, Paul has worked within research institutes, industry and academia.
  • He is a trustee of the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science and past President of the Fisheries Society of the British Isles.
  • Email:

Emma Pearson

Research assistant on the UK Brown Crab Stocks case study

  • Emma is working towards her PhD, collecting data to develop a model of crab stocks which will assist the fishery’s management.
  • Emma worked on the first phase of the GAP project (GAP1) after gaining her BSc at the University of Keele.
  • Email: Emma Pearson

Stakeholder Participants


Paul Hart and Emma Pearson on the crab fishery off the southwest coast of England
Media Coverage of Brown Crab Fishery Research Project

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