The Team

GAP2’s work is coordinated by a interdisciplinary team across Europe, with expertise ranging from social science to fisheries management. The project is divided into six work packages, which are explained in detail here. Our team below heads up these work packages.


Stakeholder engagement and overall GAP2 lead

Steven Mackinson

Centre for Environment, Fisheries, & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS), UK

  • Coordinator of GAP1 and GAP2 projects.
  • 16 years research experience.
  • Works with stakeholders to develop long-term fisheries management plans based on an ecosystem approach, while using models to understand how marine ecosystems and fisheries respond to human and environmental change.
  • Leads on work packages 1 and 6.

Involving stakeholders in research

Saša Raicevich

Istituto Superiore per la Ricerca e la Protezione Ambientale (ISPRA), Italy

  • Research focuses upon applying an ecosystem approach to fisheries management in the Adriatic Sea, fisheries ecology and historical ecology.
  • Member of the ICES Working Group on Ecosystem Effects of Fishing and member of the core group of the ICES Working Group on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive Descriptor 3+.
  • Leading on work package 2.


Martin Pastoors

Wageningen University Centre for Marine Policy, The Netherlands

  • The first director of the Wageningen UR Centre for Marine Policy, where he now works as project coordinator.
  • 14 years research at IMARES, where he coordinated JAKFISH, a European project on stakeholder participation in fisheries management.
  • Previously chair of ICES Advisory Committee on Fishery Management, with extensive experience of communicating scientific results to management authorities, stakeholder organizations and the media.
  • Leading on work package 3.

Evaluating participatory research

Petter Holm

Universitet i Tromsø, Norway

  • Professor in fisheries resource management.
  • Research covers a range of issues including the relationship between science and politics in fisheries resource management, local knowledge, science and expertise, organizational processes and institutional change.
  • Leading on work package 4 with Prof. Doug Wilson.

Doug Wilson

Innovative Fisheries Management - Aalborg University, Denmark

We are sad to announce that Doug Wilson passed away in December 2013. His work and influence will continue to run through everything we do in the GAP2 project.

  • Natural resources sociologist focusing on issues of shared knowledge, with over 20 years experience of fisheries management.
  • Member of the Executive Council of the International Association for the Study of Commons, and immediate past chair of the ICES Working Group on Fisheries Systems.
  • Extensive experience of coordinating European funded projects dealing with issues of science and knowledge in support of marine policy.

Communicating with society

Rosie Magudia

  • Sustainability communications specialist at Mindfully Wired Communications.
  • Rosie’s career has involved working with researchers to influence the government and public on a wide variety of issues, ranging from protecting London’s stag beetles to energy efficient public buildings.
  • Leading on work package 5.