Deliverable 5.4: Symposium publication papers submitted to publishers.

This report describes the publications circulated during the GAP2 International Symposium: ‘Participatory Research and Co-Management in Fisheries’, convened by GAP2 on the 24th-26th February 2015, in Barcelona.

Two stand-alone publications were used to describe the methods, outcomes and specific case study activities undertaken during the project. Each publication forms an element of this overall deliverable, they are as follows:

  • GAP2 ‘Good Practice Guide‘ – a ‘participatory research handbook’ outlining best practise in designing and implementing participatory research processes.
  • Case study summary documents – visually engaging two-page documents, outlining the aims, actors and headline achievements in each of GAP2’s 13 case studies.

To read the deliverable in full, please click here, or on the PDF symbol above.

If you have any questions about participatory research or the GAP2 project, please contact Steve Mackinson, on:



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