Deliverable 1.1.2: Integration of evidence-based knowledge and its application to science and management of fisheries and the marine environment (GAP2)

‘Deliverable D1.1.2 Report on research implications to support the development of LTMP based on an ecosystem approach consistent with the context of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and Common Fishery Policy (CFP)’, coordinated by WWF-UK.

This report examines five fisheries where the project has used participatory research methods to identify solutions and pathways to deliver sustainable outcomes. Each example is assessed to see what factors within the process or the management system either facilitate or inhibit progress. The report considers how effective a collaborative approach is. It looks at the results and benefits such an approach has in what is widely regarded as a particularly challenging sector. Key lessons from each example and from the wider policy contact are assessed and evaluated. When participatory research is tailored to the specific requirements of the fishery it can achieve significant success, particularly when combined with a step wise approach.

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