Our aim is for scientists and the fishing industry to jointly define best practice for using Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs), to ensure sustainable fisheries.


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Our progress so far

Within this case study, we’re bringing together scientists, skippers and fleet owners to address conservation and management issues relating to Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). Such collaboration will bring new perspectives to an issue which often has a high profile within the conservation movement, and work towards a sustainable solution.

Evolution and current state of the technology of echo-sounder buoys used by Spanish tropical purse seiners in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans

This paper, published in 'Fisheries Research' by J. Lopez, G. Moreno, I. Sancristobal, and J. Murua, explores the use of echo-sounder buoys in the tuna fleet, and the impact of this on the deployment of fish aggregating devices.

Jun 2014
36 Months On: Progress review from the France/Spain case study

The GAP2 France/Spain case study on tuna and FADs provides an update on how their work has been progressing over the last twelve months.

Mar 2014
24 Months On: Progress Update for France/Spain Case Study

24 Months On: Progress Report Update on the French and Spanish case study investigating tuna fisheries conservation and management.

Apr 2013
18 Months On: Progress Update for France/Spain Case Study

An update on the France/Spain case study investigating Tuna FAD fisheries, 18 months into the GAP2 project.

Nov 2012
One Year On: Progress Update for France/Spain Case Study

An update on the France/Spain case study investigating Tuna FAD fisheries, 12 months into the GAP2 project.

Jun 2012

Next Steps

  • There are plans to extend the workshops into a regular series.
  • PhD student Mariana Travassos is continuing to conduct interviews with fishermen, to try and gather more information about historical catch and by-cath issues, through capturing their local ecological knowledge (LEK).
  • There is potential for further collaboration between scientists and fishers within future studies addressing bycatch and tagging.

People Involved

Jefferson Murua

Case study scientist

  • Jefferson is an investigator at Azti-Tecnalia, focusing on tropical tuna fisheries. He works with tuna purse seine fleets worldwide, through the ISSF Skippers workshops.
  • His aim is to reduce bycatch and achieve more sustainable fisheries by working with fishers to find technological solutions and defining best practices.
  • He conducted his PhD studying how the social status of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), influences their behaviour and physiology.

Stakeholder Participants


Conservation and Management of Tuna Fisheries around FADs

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