Deliverable 2.2.3: The Methodological Toolbox

‘GAP2 Methodological Toolbox: Experience and tools for participatory actions in research and decision making’, coordinated and edited by S. Raicevich, S. Mackinson, R. Magudia, K. Borrow and T. Maxwell, includes contributions from a wide range of GAP2 scientists and coordinators.

The Methodological Toolbox aims to provide information to support the dissemination of participatory research models, including detailed tools for participatory research actions. The tools included within these documents pertain to:

Collecting Knowledge:

– Oral histories

– Semi-structured interviews

– Focus groups

Integrating Knowledge: 

– Participatory modelling

– Participatory mapping

– Participatory planning

Communicating research outcomes:

– The Message Box

Read the document in full here.

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