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Collaboration on GAP2's Denmark Case Study

Collaboration in GAP2’s Denmark Case Study

Over the last four years, GAP2 has been busy demonstrating the role and value of stakeholder-driven science within the context of fisheries’ governance. Below, check out our collection of policy briefs, which condense key messages from GAP2 events and tools into take-home headlines for the policy audience.¬†

Policy Briefing 5: Building Bridges Through Participation – Concrete Outcomes & Cementing Change

The fifth and final policy brief from the GAP2 project, outlining key outcomes brought about through long-lasting collaboration between fishers and scientists.

Apr 2015
Policy Briefing 4: GAP2 International Symposium

The fourth and final GAP2 Policy Brief containing summaries of sessions that took place throughout the GAP2 International Symposium: Participatory Research and Co-management in Fisheries.

Mar 2015
Policy Briefing 3: Toolbox for Participatory Research

The third policy brief produced by the GAP2 project focuses on the value and application of the project's 'Methodological Toolbox'. A concise breakdown of the tool is provided for the policy audience.

Aug 2014
Policy Briefing 2: Putting the Science into Regionalisation – Consensus from policy makers, stakeholders & scientists

On 26th February 2014, 43 high-level industry stakeholders, scientists and government representatives met to identify practical steps supporting an effective knowledge base for regionalised fisheries management.

Jun 2014
Policy Briefing 1: Putting the science in regionalization: Participatory approaches in the new regionalized CFP

GAP2's first Policy Briefing addresses how participatory research could underpin the successful implementation of reformed and increasingly regionalized European Common Fisheries Policy.

Dec 2013

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