Outputs: GAP2 Overview & Reports

WP3: Martin Pastoors moving on, GAP2 welcomes Floor QuirijnsMay 2014
Martin Pastoor’s Blog: Learning the Canadian wayMar 2013
Social Science Workshop Interview with Martin PastoorsMar 2013
Martin Pastoor’s blog: Different projects, similar challengesMar 2013
GAP2 Exchange: Martin Pastoors’ Canadian ExchangeMar 2013
GAP2 meets the CFRN – presentationFeb 2013
Martin Pastoors’ Blog: GAP2 meets the CFRN (presentation)Feb 2013
Lessons Learned: Implementing Collaboratively Produced LTMPsJul 2012
Work Package 3 Progress Report 2012Jul 2012
Work Package 3 Overview PresentationJun 2011


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