GAP2 Exchange: Martin Pastoors’ Canadian Exchange

During the first half of 2013, GAP2 is conducting an exchange programme, as Work Package 3 leader and Wageningen University scientist, Martin Pastoors will be working with the Canadian Fisheries Research Network (CFRN).

The CFRN is a collaboration of academic researchers, the fishing industry, government researchers and managers from across Canada. The Network includes over 30 academics from 15 universities working closely with representatives of fishing fleets from Canada’s Atlantic, Pacific and freshwater fisheries, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). This partnership is industry-driven and built around projects that involve the active collaboration of each sector.

The CFRN’s objectives and approaches are comparable to the activities in GAP2 and the long history of IMARES in participatory research. By carrying out the exchange, learning from and discussing best-practices and lessons learned on science-industry research partnerships and how they are made to count in policy-making, will benefit both GAP2 and the CFRN long into the future.

The exchange programme will consist of of 3 separate events:

1. The Canadian Fisheries Research Network annual meeting in the week of 11-15 February 2013 in Toronto, Canada – This meeting will be used to exchange best-practices on linking participatory research to policy-making and to plan for the joint workshop in May.

2. May, 2013: A joint Canadian-European workshop on participatory research practices in St. Andrews, Canada – The workshop will focus on exchanging best-practices for participatory research including on-deck protocols, quality control, knowledge assimilation and linking knowledge to policy.

3. 22-29 June: Participation of the Canadian Fisheries Research Network in the GAP2 annual meeting in connection with the MARE policy day and MARE People and the Sea conference.

You can keep up to date with the exchange and Martin’s thoughts and findings through the GAP2 exchange blogs.

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