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Looking forward to even more diversity, complexity and dynamics?

Although the GAP2 project harbours a lot of variation across our cases, we feel we can expand the area of comparison even more by including Canada! Following my visit to annual meeting of the Canadian Fisheries Research Network (CFRN) in February 2013, we can now announce that the exchange to Canada is going ahead!

From 9-13 May 2013 GAP2 will travel to St. Andrews (Canada) to exchange experiences with Canadian fishermen and researchers. There will be a (small) delegation of 6-7 people with Marloes Kraan (IMARES, Netherlands), the delegation leader. Two Dutch fishermen (one from the young fishermen’s network and one from the fisheries management training programme) have already agreed take part, so we have funds for two more teams consisting of a scientist and a fisherman from the case studies.

The plan is to spend 4 days in the area of St. Andrews on the east coast of Canada and to meet fishermen and researchers who are actively engaged in the Canadian Fisheries Research Network. The focus will be on exchanging best-practices in fisheries, participatory research (including on-deck protocols, quality control and knowledge assimilation) and linking knowledge to policy. The lobster fishery will be active at that time and we will take the opportunity to mix with the lobster fishermen. We are planning to have at least one sea-going day in the exchange so that we can experience the issues and challenges in the Canadian fisheries and how they deal with participatory research. There will be the opportunity for discussions with researchers and fishermen and to visit either some other fisheries or some of the research facilities in the area.

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