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Danish case study meets with Baltic RAC

In December 2011, we held a post-seminar meeting with Baltic RAC to discuss the details of the Long Term Management Plan (LTMP).

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Update – 20th December 2011

The UDC Group for Marine Resources & Fisheries report on the Galicia case study’s progress so far.

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Summer and Autumn events

GAP2 participants attend events throughout summer and autumn 2011 to advance case study.

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Norway Case Study: developing a fisheries-based resource monitoring system

PDF of presentation given on the development of a fisheries-based resource monitoring system, using the case of Norwegian Coastal Cod, can be found here. Presentation given in London by Petter Holm, December 2011.

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Denmark Case Study: Sustainable Management Options for Complex Population Structures

PDF of presentation given by Lotte Worsøe Clausen from the Institute for Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark, December 2011, can be found here. Presentation summarises the management of herring stock across 3 management areas, EU-Norway politics, 2 RAC’s, 4 …

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First Draft of GAP2 Case Study Synthesis

Presentation giving an overview of GAP2’s 13 case studies, as an update from the GAP1 synthesis, by Dr Pablo Pita Orduna, December 2011. PDF of presentation slides can be found here

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UK Brown Crab Case Study Presentation

Presentation on the crab fishery off the southwest coast of England, given by Paul Hart and Emma Pearson from the University of Leicester, in association with the South Devon and Channel Shellfisherman’s Association and Ewan Hunter, CEFAS. PDF of presentation …

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Regional Advisory Council Briefing Note

Briefing note to the Regional Advisory Councils (RACs) about the GAP2 project. Document by Steven Mackinson, 2011, can be found here.

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GAP2 Profile in “International Innovation”

The outcomes of GAP2 will impact upon both the scientific evidence and the decision making processes. The participatory processes may influence the way decisions are made, whilst scientific evidence gleaned from joint research activities will contribute to the formulation of …

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Presentation on Participatory Research and Fisheries Management

PDF of presentation ”Participatory research and fisheries management – ICES as a channel for uptake of new knowledge?” given by Kari Strange, December 2011, can be found here. The presentation summarises the GAP2 project, particularly Work Package 3, before discussing …

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