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Evolution and current state of the technology of echo-sounder buoys used by Spanish tropical purse seiners in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans

This paper, published in ‘Fisheries Research’ by J. Lopez, G. Moreno, I. Sancristobal, and J. Murua, explores the use of echo-sounder buoys in the tuna fleet, and the impact of this on the deployment of fish aggregating devices.

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36 Month Progress Report

36 months into the project, GAP2 reports on progress made across the six work packages, and the 13 international participatory research case studies.

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Workshop Report: Putting the Science into Regionalisation

Detailed workshop report from ‘Putting the Science into Regionalisation: Participatory Approaches in the New, Regionalised CFP’, held in February 2014. Produced by GAP2 and neutral facilitators.

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Channel Scallop Fishery – Round-up

These chain links dredge scallops from the seabed

Work which began at GAP2’s pioneering workshop on the Channel scallop fishery is ‘to be continued’ – here we provide a round-up of the event and outcomes so far.

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36 Month Report: Executive Summary

Following a period of detailed review, GAP2 provides the executive summary to its 36 month report.

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Policy Briefing 2: Putting the Science into Regionalisation – Consensus from policy makers, stakeholders & scientists

On 26th February 2014, 43 high-level industry stakeholders, scientists and government representatives met to identify practical steps supporting an effective knowledge base for regionalised fisheries management.

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#GAP2TheMovie – out now!


GAP2 releases a new film encapsulating the project’s mission: to bring together fishers, policy makers and scientists to build sustainable fisheries across Europe.

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