Danish case study meets with Baltic RAC

In December 2011, we held a post-seminar meeting with Baltic RAC to discuss the details of the Long Term Management Plan (LTMP). Within this meeting, details of the LTMP were discussed by the Denmark case study representatives with the Baltic RAC. Outcomes of the meeting are as follows:

Adaptable. It was agreed that a LTMP should be able to withstand changes in both the natural and political environment for a period of 3-4 years to provide management stability.

Geography. How the herring could be managed spatially in a transparent and stable way was discussed. It was decided that the separation between the TAC areas (Div. IIIa and SD 22-24) would be upheld; however, the division of the catch opportunities between these two areas should be discussed, but finally carved in stone somewhere.

Catch Opportunities. The decision to divide the catch opportunities was concluded to be a subject for debate with the BSRAC, PRAC, Fishery representatives for all fleets, the Commission and representatives for the relevant governmental bodies.


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