ICES Training Course: Social Science Methods for Natural Scientists

October the 13th to the 16th ICES will deliver a training course in Copenhagen, Denmark, focussed on de-mystifying social science methods for natural scientists. 

This exciting workshop will be delivered by GAP2 scientist (and leader of the GAP2 Dutch discards case-study) Dr. Marloes Kraan.


GAP2 scientist Dr Marloes Kraan in the field

GAP2 scientist Dr Marloes Kraan in the field

Training Course Description:

There has been an increase in the interdisciplinary aspects of natural science research projects, which highlight this training course as an essential manner by which to gain relevant experience in related skills. The growth of participatory and multi-stakeholder involvement within scientific research means that there is an increasing need for knowledge in methods such as interviewing, observing and mapping.

This ICES training course will provide such within a ‘learning by doing’ framework, with facilitators providing guidance methods with the aim of participants developing their confidence by using them. In addition to this background information (such as the epistemology and ontology of social sciences) and relevant social science theory shall be taught and discussed.

The gaining of new skills from this course will enable participants to increase effectiveness when working with stakeholders in cooperative research as well as having a better appreciation of social sciences within fisheries research.

Course Details:

(c) ICES Social Science Methods for Natural Scientists Information

(c) ICES Social Science Methods for Natural Scientists Information

Participants should have a natural science background and have, or will have, experience with working in cooperative research projects. Also scientists working with stakeholders or interested in learning more about social science methods in fisheries science. No knowledge of social science is required. The course shall be taking place on the 13 – 16 October 2014, ICES, Copenhagen, Denmark. The application deadline is 15th of September. For more information please click here, alternatively please look at the course’s information brochure.


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