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Second Channel scallop report published

The second report published by GAP2’s programme of work on the Channel scallop fishery – outlining concrete steps towards new, increasingly regionalised management measures for this key fishery for UK and France.

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Deliverable 5.4: Symposium publication papers submitted to publishers.

Deliverable 5.4 of the GAP2 project – containing publications circulated at the project’s final international symposu

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GAP2 Scallops Normandy Blog – EDF Oceans

Erin Priddle, from the Environmental Defense Fund, offers her perspective on the recent GAP2 scallops workshop, held in Port en Bessin, Normandy, back in February.

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GAP2 Scallops 2015 – The Presentations

A collection of presentations from the second GAP2 workshop on the Channel scallop fishery – with content from industry, science, and policy representatives.

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Policy Briefing 4: GAP2 International Symposium

The fourth and final GAP2 Policy Brief containing summaries of sessions that took place throughout the GAP2 International Symposium: Participatory Research and Co-management in Fisheries.

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GAP2 International Symposium Presentations

'Mutual benefits' -­‐ one of the images featured in an original photographic exhibition, which had its first showing at the GAP2 symposium.

Access a range of presentations given at the GAP2 International Symposium 2015 on ‘participatory research and co-management in fisheries’.

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GAP2 Policy Briefs

Italy CS

A collection of GAP2’s published policy briefs, which condense key messages from GAP2 events and tools into take-home headlines for the policy audience.

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