GAP2 Scallops 2015 – The Presentations

In February 2015, GAP2 held its second pioneering workshop on management of the Channel scallop fishery, with input from French and UK fishers, NGOs, scientists, and national Governments. The event was aimed at developing concrete steps towards a long-term, regional management plan for this profitable – but data poor – fishery.

DSC_3094Catch up on what was discussed at the event: click on any of the links below to view slides from 2 days of presentations.

English Government Perspectives: Channel Management Workshop – Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Technology for Real-Time Data Collection – Tom Rossiter, Succorfish

Video Capture of Fisheries Data – Lee Murray, University of Bangor

Le Marché de la Coquille St-Jacques et des Pectinidés en France – Alice Joseph, FranceAgriMer

Objectives: Socio-Economic Study of the English Channel Scallop Fishery – Charlotte Tindall & Dr Steve Cunningham, WWF

Etat des Lieux Actualisé des Consommations d’Effort de Pêche «Coquilles St-Jacques» Eaux Occidentales en 2014 – Ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement Durable, et de l’Énergie

King Scallops (Pectin Maximus) Fisheries in France: French Survey and Data Collection System – Eric Foucher, Ifremer

Scallop dredging gear

Scallop Fishing Industry: French Opinion on Regulation – Delphine Ciolek, CNPMEM

Toxic Algal Blooms: Focus on Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning (ASP) Events in the Bay of Seine – Mathilde Schapira, Ifremer

Mapping Solutions to Control Where and When to Harvest the Right Size Product to Meet Market Demands – John Bonardelli, Shellfish Solutions

SMAST US Scallop Survey & SMAST Scallop Overview – Kevin D.E. Stokesbury, School for Marine Science & Technology, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

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