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Workshop Report: Putting the Science into Regionalisation

Detailed workshop report from ‘Putting the Science into Regionalisation: Participatory Approaches in the New, Regionalised CFP’, held in February 2014. Produced by GAP2 and neutral facilitators.

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5 days, 3 meetings, 1 topic: collaboration

Collaboration; surprisingly difficult.

It’s been a busy week for the GAP2 crew; Steve, Kari & Martin take collaboration a tour of Europe.

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Fisker Forum

Denmark’s Fisker Forum reports on a ‘rarely seen consensus…

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Public Service Europe

Steve Mackinson’s thoughts on regionalisation and the possible impacts of the meeting for CFP reform

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Through The Gaps

In June GAP2 coordinated a meeting where the fishing industry, scientists, NGOs and policy makers unanimously agreed that…

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Fish News EU

The Fish Site EU reports on the GAP2 coordinated meeting on the North Sea as a testing-ground…

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GAP2 North Sea Regionalisation Workshop Outcomes

What might regionalisation of the Common Fisheries Policy mean in practice for the North Sea? On 25th May 2012, GAP2 held a workshop at Fishmongers’ Hall in London, bringing together stakeholders with widely varying interests in North Sea fisheries. The goal …

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GAP2 workshop on CFP regionalisation in the North Sea

North Sea basin stakeholders thrash out the practicalities of fisheries regionalisation.

On May 25th 2012, representatives from science, policy and industry came together in London to discuss the regionalisation of the CFP

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Mediterranean RAC discuss regionalisation of the CFP


Marseille, 19th April. Facilitated by GAP2 partners, RACMED were keen to explore what regionalisation of the Common Fisheries Policy might look like in the Mediterranean region. Working toward developing an opinion paper for submission to the European Commission, the RACMED …

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