Work Package 4 Progress Report Spring 2013

The objective of Work Package 4 is to evaluate whether, when and how collaborative research can make a difference to practical knowledge and to management. The WP is led by Petter Holm in Norway (Norwegian College of Fisheries Science) and Doug Wilson in Denmark (IFM and Aalborg University) with Maiken Bjørkan and Mark Dubois (working with Holm & Wilson respectively).

The Work Package is made up of six case studies where we are carrying out fieldwork: Spain (Galicia), Denmark, the Netherlands, England (Devon), Italy and Norway. We have committed to do a Q sort analysis in order to order to map changes in stakeholders’ attitudes as well as to find where opinions converge or change over time.

reproduced courtesy of and ©

Reproduced courtesy of and ©

February 2013 saw a very interesting meeting in Tromsø, with Holm, Wilson, Dubois, Bjørkan and Tveiterås (who’s taking over some of Bjørkans’ tasks when she’s on maternity leave) all present. During the meeting, we all found that mapping a “before and after” GAP2 of stakeholders experiences is difficult as all 6 case studies are continuations of collaboration between scientists and fishers that have been going on for years. Therefore, we’ve decided that instead of a before-after Q sort, we will do case specific ones based on discourse analysis from fieldwork.

reproduced courtesy of and ©

reproduced courtesy of and ©

Developing the Q sort questionnaires is an interesting task, but it takes time. Over the next few months, we’ll be continuing to work with the 6 case studies, as we need their local expertise in order to check statements and translations and of course – to get stakeholders to answer the questionnaires!

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