Giovanni Bulian’s blog: Social science workshop

On the 7th & 8th of February, 2013, the GAP2 project ran a two-day workshop in Chioggia (Venice), Italy to enhance GAP2 scientists’ knowledge in methods used in social science research. You can read about the workshop here.

Anthropologist Giovanni Bulian gives his take on the workshop:

“It was my first workshop with a interdisciplinary approach and it was a challenge. We know that research is increasingly divided into different scientific disciplines, and this tends to lead to difficulties in combining knowledge from different specialized fields.

As an anthropologist, I had the opportunity to confront with people who belong to different academic fields to explore the question of the scientific evaluation of the world of fishing. My considerations on the topics of the workshop are changing. I mean, they keep changing even now, after the end of the workshop and I think it’s a good thing. The interdisciplinary activities of this workshop all have fundamental interrelation and a correlation between the empirical and social aspects, which lead to the production of results, or even comparative concepts related to the intersection between science and society. This means that we have to ask ourselves questions about the production of new theoretical methods that will allow scientists to continue the structuring of the object of this research. This is the function that bridges the theoretical framework.”

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