GAP2 Cinema: Celebrating Collaboration in Fisheries Through Film

The GAP2 International Symposium hosted the Great Exhibition, an innovative market-style event to help those involved in Participatory Research present their work creatively. This included the GAP2 Cinema, which hosted a variety of videos explaining the role of  participatory research in fisheries worldwide. We have wanted to share these videos with you – so scroll on down and happy viewing!

Understanding Seabird Bycatch in Gillnet Fisheries

Rory Crawford, BirdLife International and Rex Harrison, Salmon Netsman.

GAP2 Exchange Project to Puget Sound Washington, where BirdLife International Rory Crawford and Salmon Newsman Rex Harrison learn more about gillnet fishery seabird bycatch mitigation.


Opening up Channels

Maria Campbell, Plymouth University and Laurence Hartwell, ‘Through the Gaps’ Blog.



Win-win: The Marine Protected Area Story

Katie Hogg and Irene Rojo Moreno, University of Murcia

Film on how marine protected areas provide long term solutions to stabilising fish stocks, and how involvement of all stakeholders is vital for their success – with a Chaplinesque twist!


United for Fishing

The GAP2 Galicia Case Study Team

Film interviewing those involved in GAP2’s Galician Case Study, where they explain the methods used to collect geographic information on stocks within the case study area, and how this has benefited the fishers, scientists and managers within the region.



Bridging the GAP

Maiken Bjørkan, UiT & Giulia Gorelli, CSIC-ICM

The #GAP2 Movie, looking into how Spanish fishers, scientists and policy makers in the GAP2 Palamós Red Shrimp Case Study are “Bridging the GAP”.


Gone Fishing with GAP2

Prof Paul Hart and Emma Pearson, University of Leicester.

Interested in knowing how Scientists and Fishers collaborate together? Have a look at this video with GAP2 Brown Crab Case Study participants Emma Pearson (Scientist) and Allan Steer (Crab Fisher) on a typical day working at sea!


Herring Fishery in the Parnü Bay

Dr Robert Aps & GAP2’s Estonia Case Study team

Go fishing with the Estonian GAP2 Case Study Team and see what its like in the day of a Fisher!


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