One Year On: Progress Update on UK LTMP case study

Progress within this case study has been determined by the schedule of North Sea Regional Advisory Council (NSRAC) meetings and the interim progress made by modellers at Cefas.

Working with the North Sea RAC
There have been three meetings with the NSRAC, as well as conversations outside of these.
At one of these meetings, we requested that the NSRAC set up a special focus group on mixed fisheries in the North Sea, which would interact with GAP2 case study work. This group has now been established, with a first meeting arranged for 10th July.

Now that the Focus group has been set up, we will work with a limited set of partners in a more detailed and interactive way.

Modelling Work
Our modelling work focuses upon understanding species and fleet interactions in mixed demersal fisheries. We are working with stakeholders to find out how we can take account of uncertainty, and what this means for evaluating different management plans and harvest strategies.

The model uses an Ecopath with Ecoims model of the North Sea, but as we develop and refine the set up of our model, the modelling process itself will become more participative – with stakeholders advising on scenarios and the interpretation of results.

We are working with the University of British Columbia to develop our model further.

Stay tuned for our next update!

The North Sea RAC’s website is here.


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