One Year On: Progress Update on Swedish Case Study

One year in, and the Swedish case study is thriving. 21 fishers are taking part in the project, and we’re already collecting data and providing feedback to all those involved.

We initially held a series of workshops where fishermen and scientist met to discuss how we would conduct surveys, and how we would work together on the project in general. Following these workshops, our fieldwork began in earnest in October 2011.

Since then, fishers have been experimenting with different types of selective fishing methods (including the push-up trap), and recording their data in logbooks. Within an overall framework, fishers are free to test different types of gear, seasons, times of day or fishing areas. This data is then shared with the GAP2 scientists, who analyse the data and share the results with both the individuals and group involved.

Our main fieldwork season for the whitefish fishery runs from October to February (in March, the fishers go on holiday and on their return fish other species – mainly crayfish). Despite bad weather causing some disruption, we have already collected a large amount of data. Indeed, in total, almost 300 fishing efforts has been carried out so far, of which 40 % were involved scientists and fishermen working together. We will continue data collection until February 2013.

We are also now facing growing interest from more and more fishers, including the Lake Vattern Water Society. Stay tuned to keep posted!


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