Five Meetings Held From April – September 2011

“Fishery stakeholders and scientist met in Steigen to share ideas on survey design for using acoustic tools to assess coastal cod abundance and distribution”.

The local fisher’s organization and the scientific partners have together developed a design for data collection of the Norwegian Coastal Cod in Steigen.

There have been 5 meetings between April and September 2011. The first in Tromsø, between partners from IMR and NCFS discussed general and practical aspects for the CS and planned a trip to Steigen to discuss with the fishery stakeholders how to design the project.

In May 2011, science and fishery stakeholder partners met in Steigen and discussed the possibilities and survey design ideas for using acoustic survey tools to assess coastal cod abundance and distribution. This was followed up with a second planning meeting in September.

Practical and budget issues were discussed in 2 meetings among IMR, the local fishers’ organization and the NCFS.


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