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Poster presentation of Norway Case Study

Poster on Norwegian case study “Monitoring Coastal Cod”, presented by Bjørkan Maiken a the GAP2 Annual Meeting in Brussels, July 2012. PDF of poster can be found here.

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EU-Norway agreement on shared fish stocks

The EU and Norway have reached an agreement over the management of shared fish stocks in the North Sea.

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October 2011 Meeting

A meeting between all partners is planned during the annual meeting of the fishers association in Trondheim in October 2011.

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Five Meetings Held From April – September 2011

During five meetings between April and September 2011, local fishers and scientists jointly developed a survey design to assess coastal cod abundance and distribution.

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Management Objectives to be Defined in November Meeting

The next step in 2011 will be to define the management objectives for herring in IIIa as a collaborative process with all stakeholders in a CS meeting in November 2011.

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