GAP1 Good Practice Guide – Full Report

PDF document “Good practice guide to participatory research between fisheries stakeholders and scientists”, edited by Steven Mackinson, Suzanna Neville, Saša Raicevich and Lotte Worsøe Clausen, November 2008.

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on good practice for stakeholder participation in fisheries research. The contents summarise and build upon the outcomes of a workshop attended by both fisheries stakeholders and research scientists, with input from other invited experts. It is founded upon the experienced-based knowledge, views and opinions of the participants and is specifically intended to help fisheries stakeholders and scientists of the GAP1 project to formulate collaborative research case studies. Together with the experiences learned through planning of the case studies, this document will be used to aid the development of a code of conduct for initiating cooperative research processes.

PDF can be found here.

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