The GAP2 Great Exhibition is going to be a key part of the international, participatory symposium to be held by the Project in February 2015. We want to hear from potential presenters – read on for inspiration! 

We want exhibitors to be as creative as possible in how they discuss their innovative, inclusive research. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Exchange Poster Black truncated © GAP2 E

  • Video - introducing, showing and discussing a short film
  • Poster & props - discussing a poster with props, such as maps, scientific tools etc
  • Photographic presentation - talking to a set of images
  • ‘In conversation’ - hosting a conversation between three stakeholders
  • Six words - a set of slides, focused on high-tempo, high-impact, delivery, using no more than six words
  • Theatre - presenters to dramatise their findings

If you are interested in getting involved and presenting, get in touch! Email Katrina Borrow – 

Please get in touch as soon as possible – we would like to hear about WHAT you would like to present on, as well as some initial ideas about HOW you would like to present.

@GAP2_Project / #GAP2symposium 

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