GAP2 meets HRH Prince of Wales

What Happened

Last week, GAP2 fishermen and scientists were introduced to British royalty, as together they searched for solutions for a sustainable, profitable fishing future.

HRH Prince Charles of Wales, and his International Sustainability Unit were the driving force behind “Fishing into the Future” –  a three day workshop, co-supported by Seafish (the UK’s seafood authority) and contributed to by GAP2.

The event’s purpose was to enable the exchange of new knowledge and ideas between active fishermen, fisheries scientists, managers and supply chain experts, on how to secure a sustainable, profitable future for UK fisheries. As such, Fishing into the Future brought together people with wide-ranging interests in the British fisheries sector, ranging from individual fishermen, to trade associations, to retailers and NGOs.

In light of the event’s significant overlap with GAP2’s own aims, GAP2 fisherman Alan Steer, and GAP2 coordinator Steve Mackinson were both steering committee members of the event, as well as speakers during the meeting’s workshop on “science and industry collaboration”. Indeed, the topic of science and industry collaboration proved particularly popular with delegates – a promising sign for future engagement within British fisheries.

The highlight of the event was HRH Prince Charles’ speech on the last day of the event, in which he cited positive progress so far as being the result of “committed and strong partnerships, to sound science and to fishermen working together – and, by doing so, leading the debate”. (Full text of the speech can be read here).

As steering committee members, GAP2’s Steve Mackinson and Alan Steer discussed fishing issues with Prince Charles following his speech (photos below).

In Pictures


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