The Lyme Bay – Morro Bay Exchange

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The Lyme Bay - Morro Bay Exchange

  • The BLUE Marine Foundation organised the exchange, sending three representatives from the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve; Andy Woolmer (Fisheries Consultant), Simon Pengelly (Policy-maker) and Jon Shuker (Fisherman).
  • GAP2 scientist Emma Pearson and fisherman Alan Steer accompanied the exchange.
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The Lyme Bay world heritage site is home to globally significant flora and fauna as well as an active fishing community. Despite a banning of mobile fishing gear in a 60 square mile zone in 2008, static fishing has increased to unsustainable levels for both the fishery and associated livelihoods. The BLUE Marine foundation has been working with local fishermen to allow for increased self-management, which is both economically and sustainably viable.

Additionally the work being carried out in Lyme Bay will make Lyme Bay the first fully documented fishery for the UK inshore fleet, with the integration of a smart-phone app. Due to the nature of this pioneering project, there is little local consultation or shared knowledge available for BLUE to work with.

This GAP2 exchange project will allow for the BLUE Foundation, and representatives from the Lyme Bay Working Group, to meet and consult with fishing communities and the Nature Conservancy in the Morro Bay fishery, located in California, where data collection through application software has been successfully implemented.

Californian Collaboration: the Central Coast ground fish project

Simon Pengelly IFCA) shares his reflections of his time on this #GAP2exchange, and explains how and why collaboration in Morro bay Fishery was been a success...

Dec 2014
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Fishing News covers one of our latest, exciting #GAP2exchange trips - exploring collaboration over in California, and lessons shared between Lyme Bay and Morro Bay fishers.

Dec 2014
The Holy Grail of Real-Time Data

Andy Woolmer (fisheries consultant and scientific advisor) gives us an insight into what was learnt and how practices compare to those in Lyme bay (the Jurassic coast), Devon providing valuable understanding from an additional stakeholders point of view.

Nov 2014
Monterey to Morro: A fishers-eye view on #GAP2exchange

The second instalment on the Lyme Bay - Morro Bay #GAP2exchange trip. Jon Shuker,a fisherman from Lyme Bay, Devon/Dorset, discusses what he got up to and reflects as to how this compares to his local fishing grounds...

Nov 2014
Leading the way: from Lyme to California

Simon Pengelly (IFCA) discusses why Lyme Bay, Dorset is such an important area and what is being done to both sustainably fish and maintain healthy ecosystems there...

Oct 2014