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The Italian Exchange

  • GAP2 scientist, Sasa Raicevich, travels with a delegation of fishers and local management officials from Chioggia, Italy, to visit the Dutch pulse-trawl fleet, part of GAP2’s case study in the Netherlands
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The GAP2 Adriatic Sea case study has been ongoing in developing participatory research and action management of fisheries within the Adriatic Sea.

Its focus is on building and mobilizing knowledge across various stakeholders and scientists within the region. Previous discussions have generated interest between Italian and Dutch fishermen and stakeholders to learn from each other and exchange their visions and issues in relation to fishery management.

Italian GAP2 stakeholders expressed their interest in the local management of Dutch fisheries and fish market organization, and therefore it was decided that in-the-field discussions would prove beneficial in the development of fishery management in the northern Adriatic Sea. Furthermore the opportunity would allow for an exchange between different Italian GAP2 stakeholders reinforcing their collaboration and stimulating participatory action.

The objectives of this exchange are to share experiences on issues relating to the management and governing of fisheries from a multi-disciplinary focus with regards to technology, environmental impact mitigation, trade organization and product labeling. Furthermore fishing management rules (particularly concerning issues surrounding quotas and discards) and the roles of participatory science and stakeholder knowledge in fishery governance are to be looked into.

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