The GAP2 Exchange: Pablo Pita Orduna

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Pablo Pita Orduna

  • As a researcher at the University of Coruña (Spain), Pablo’s work focuses upon marine aquaculture and ecology, and the integration of traditional knowledge of the fishermen in the management of their fisheries.
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Pablo is now travelling to Australia for three weeks to meet with Dr Jeremy Prince, the scientist behind The Barefoot Ecology Toolbox. Pablo wants to learn how to emulate this toolbox’s success when incorporating fishermen’s knowledge into fisheries management plans.

GAP2 Interactive: Galician Workshop pt. 2

GAP2 scientist Pablo Pita Orduna blogs about his experience hosting a 3 day international event with 'Barefoot Ecologist' Dr Jeremy Prince.

Apr 2014
GAP2 Global: Australian ‘Barefoot Ecologist’ delivers workshop in Galicia

Barefoot ecologist Dr Jeremy Prince blogs about his experiences teaching an interactive workshop in Galicia, hosted by GAP2's case study leader Pablo Pita Orduna.

Mar 2014
Pablo Pita Orduna’s blog: It’s a Wonderful Life!

It's a wonderful life! Pablo Pita Orduna on Dr. Jeremy Prince's Eureka moment assessing abalone spawning...

Mar 2013
GAP2 Exchange: Pablo Pita Orduna’s Australian Exchange

GAP2 and University of Coruña's Pablo Pita Orduna travels to Australia to work with Dr. Jeremy D. Prince, the scientist behind The Barefoot Ecologist Toolbox...

Mar 2013
Pablo Pita Orduna’s Blog: Consensus & Camaraderie

Pablo attends the annual quota discussion between Australia's abalone fishermen and the Ministry of Fisheries.

Feb 2013
Pablo Pita Orduna’s Blog: Shoes, Sharks & Abalone.

Pablo introduces us to his new noisy neighbours and academic hosts, over a day of abalone diving.

Feb 2013
Pablo Pita Orduna’s Blog: Why I’m here & Razor Clams.

Pablo Pita Orduna, GAP2 scientist, explains why he's travelling to Australia to meet The Barefoot Ecologist, to better understand participatory research.

Jan 2013