The GAP2 Exchange: Martin Pastoors

As GAP2 fishermen, scientists and policy makers travel around the world to learn more about successful collaboration, you can follow their progress by reading their blogs. And if you you want to get involved yourself – find out more the GAP2 Exchange here.

Martin Pastoors

  • Martin was the first director of the Wageningen UR Centre for Marine Policy, and a previous chair of of the ICES Advisory Committee on Fishery Management.
  • He has over 14 years research, focusing on stakeholder participation in fisheries management, and is an experienced science communicator.
  • Email:

Martin is now working with the Canadian Fisheries Research Network to better understand what this successful, active collaboration between scientists and industry across Canada, driven by industry, can teach the GAP2 project.

Martin Pastoor’s Blog: Learning the Canadian way

Martin Pastoors talks about the upcoming GAP2 Canadian exchange trip to the annual meeting of the CFRN.

Mar 2013
Martin Pastoor’s blog: Different projects, similar challenges

Martin has been at the second annual meeting of the MYFISH project. A project with several differences but also similarities to GAP2...

Mar 2013
GAP2 Exchange: Martin Pastoors’ Canadian Exchange

During the first half of 2013, GAP2 is conducting an exchange programme as Work Package 3 leader and Wageningen University scientist, Martin Pastoors will be working with the Canadian Fisheries Research Network (CFRN)

Mar 2013
Martin Pastoors’ Blog: GAP2 meets the CFRN (presentation)

GAP2 Scientist and work package 3 leader, Martin Pastoors has been in Canada, learning about (and from) the Canadian Fisheries Research Network (CFRN)...

Feb 2013
Martin Pastoors’ Blog: CFRN’s Cliffhangers, Elephants & Science

Martin Pastoors in Canada, gives an overview of the Canadian Fisheries Research Network annual meeting - cliffhangers and all!

Feb 2013
Martin Pastoors’ Blog: Canada’s Participatory Research Futures

Martin Pastoors reflects on a workshop exploring future careers for academics interested in participatory research in Canada. How can this approach develop in Canada?

Feb 2013
Martin Pastoors’ Blog: Connecting with Canada

Martin Pastoors explains how the Canadian Fisheries Research Network and the European GAP2 project share goals and can collaborate.

Feb 2013