The GAP2 Exchange: Kari Stange

As GAP2 fishermen, scientists and policy makers travel around the world to learn more about successful collaboration, you can follow their progress by reading their blogs. And if you you want to get involved yourself – find out more the GAP2 Exchange here.

Kari Stange

    • Kari is a PhD Candidate in the Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University.
    • She has a multi-disciplinary background with degrees and work experiences within the fields of biology, environmental chemistry, library & information science, and environmental management.
    • After a 10 year fling with the library community, her research focus turned from PCBs to people and spending two years at the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Sweden provided the inspiration to further explore the societal aspects of social-ecological systems.

Kari is now working with the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation to gain insights into how fishing industry stakeholder views and messages are generated and communicated between different actors at local, national, and international levels and how this can help the GAP2 project.

Kari’s Blog: An Out-of-Office Experience

Kari gets away from the meeting rooms and offices that are the 2nd homes of fisheries stakeholders...

May 2013
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"Sometimes things just work out" In a quiet moment during her Scottish exchange, Kari squeezes in some time for contemplations between ministerial meetings...

May 2013
Kari Stange’s Blog: Meetings and more meetings

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Apr 2013
Kari Stange’s Blog: Friendly hosts and difficult dialects

Sunny Aberdeen! My first impression could not have been better. My friendly hosts at the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) suggested I come over here for a pre-run in March...

Mar 2013