The GAP2 Exchange: Europe & Canada

As GAP2 fishermen, scientists and policy makers travel around the world to learn more about successful collaboration, you can follow their progress by reading their blogs. And if you you want to get involved yourself – find out more the GAP2 Exchange here.

The Canadian Exchange

Travelling with fishermen from their Case Studies to Canada. Marloes and Saša will be spending time with Canadian lobster fishermen, exchanging ideas about best-practices in fisheries, participatory research and how knowledge can be linked to policy.

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The Value of Exchange Programs

GAP2 exchange veterans Marloes Kraan and Susan Thompson reflect on the value of learning from international fisheries.

Jul 2014
Marloes Kraan: The Cookie Monster Problem

GAP2 social scientist Marloes Kraan discusses the importance and difficulties of including fishers' data in science models.

Apr 2014
Johan Baaij: My experience on GAP2 exchange

Dutch fisher Johan Baaij blogs about his experiences on GAP2 exchange, in Canada and the Netherlands.

Apr 2014
Swap & Share: ‘Fishing for Insights’

"We all deal with the same problems, and can only benefit from sharing our experiences". Kevin Squires, lobster fisherman and CFRN researcher on his trip to the Netherlands.

Apr 2014
The Canadian exchange: the return exchange!

Canadian fishers and scientists travel to the Netherlands for a week of GAP2 exchange activities, observing a GAP2 case study in action and sharing ideas.

Mar 2014
The Canadian Exchange: Scientist Goes Lobster Fishing

Fisheries scientist Pablo reflects on a long day at sea with Canadian lobster fishermen and lessons learned from the exchange trip with Canadian partners.

May 2013
The Canadian Exchange: Learning by doing…

Saša reflects on a day at sea with Canadian lobster fishermen and what Europe can learn about involving stakeholders in managing fisheries...

May 2013
The Canadian Exchange: On Common Ground

Day 2 of the GAP 2 Canadian Exchange and Susan Thompson reflects on another productive day... and another seafood feast...

May 2013
The Canadian Exchange Blog: Day 1 in pictures

Catch up with the GAP 2 Canadian exchange with these pictures of Day 1...

May 2013
The Canadian Exchange Blog: Bridging the gap over the Atlantic Ocean

Marloes Kraan shares her experiences of Day 1 of GAP2's Canadian Exchange...

May 2013