The GAP2 Exchange: Rosie Magudia

As GAP2 fishermen, scientists and policy makers travel around the world to learn more about successful collaboration, you can follow their progress by reading their blogs. And if you you want to get involved yourself – find out more the GAP2 Exchange

Rosie Magudia

    • Rosie is an environmental communications specialist and works for the marine conservation charity SeaWeb.
    • Rosie’s career has involved working with researchers to influence the government and public on a wide variety of issues, ranging from protecting London’s stag beetles to energy efficient public buildings.

Rosie travelled to Steigen, Norway in April 2013 with British crab fishermen. They visited the Norwegian cod fisheries to explore whether the Norwegian fishermen could teach the British fishers anything new about managing sustainable, viable fisheries for the long-term.  

A Few Fisherman’s Thoughts

UK Fisher, Kevin Arscott reflects on the GAP2 exchange to Norway...

May 2013
Lessons Learned from the Frozen North

What did the British fishermen learn during their travels to the Norwegian cod fishery? Rosie Magudia reports.

Apr 2013
What the Fishermen Thought: Videos

What did they really think? Video interviews with the British fishers in Norway on the GAP2 Norway-UK exchange.

Apr 2013
The Fishing Industry in Norway – Today & Yesterday

Fish processing factories nd fishing villages of olde were just some of the highlights of the GAP2 Norway-UK exchange.

Apr 2013
Quite A Few Men In A Boat: Norway-UK Exchange Continues

Rosie Magudia is taking part in the GAP2 Norway-UK exchange trip. A video shows the Devon fishermen onboard the Norwegian fishing vessel helping sort cod.

Apr 2013
Smolts & Saithe. First Day of Norway-UK Exchange.

Rosie Magudia is accompanying a group of fishermen and scientists from the UK case study, as they visit Steigen, Norway.

Apr 2013