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Closing the GAP in Estonia – case study update

© Robert Aps

Interview piece on how GAP2’s collaborative work in Estonia is busy making the case for how participatory research methods and actions can support complex, multi-actor processes such as Marine Spatial Planning.

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Mutual Learning in Estonia: Marine Spatial Planning

© Robert Aps

How will marine spatial planning impact different marine stakeholders? GAP2 scientist Robert Aps chaired a discussion amongst the people affected.

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GAP2 Mutual Learning Event in Estonia – 7th March

The Estonian GAP2 case study is holding a mutual learning event bringing together policy-makers, scientists and ocean industry representatives on Thursday 7th March.

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Poster Presentation on Estonia Case Study

Poster on the Estonia case study “Marine Spatial Planning” presented at the GAP2 Annual Meeting in Brussels, July 2012. PDF of poster can be found here.

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