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GAP2 attends FITF steering group meeting

GAP2 colleagues Alan Steer and Steve Mackinson attend a Fishing Into The Future (FITF) steering group meeting, contributing their expertise to discussions with HRH Prince of Wales.

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My First Year at Sea

Emma (c) Emma Pearson

Emma Pearson, GAP2 partner, describes her first year at sea as a fishery scientist working with crab fishermen in the UK’s South West.

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A Few Fisherman’s Thoughts

UK Fisher, Kevin Arscott reflects on the GAP2 exchange to Norway…

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Lessons in sustainability and optimising value: SeafoodSource.com reports on the GAP2 UK-Norway exchange…

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Smolts & Saithe. First Day of Norway-UK Exchange.

White Wildneress 2

Rosie Magudia is accompanying a group of fishermen and scientists from the UK case study, as they visit Steigen, Norway.

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18 Months On: Progress Update from UK Brown Crabs case study

Working day-in-day-out on board crab fishing boats in Devon (UK), PhD student Emma Pearson has completed a year of data collection.

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Talk on the Sustainability of Edible Crab

Dartmouth, UK. On the 2nd August 2012 marine biologist and TV broadcaster Monty Halls and GAP2 fisheries scientist Emma Pearson gave a talk on the sustainability of edible crab, as part of the annual crab festival which takes place in …

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