Project Periodic Report: Deliverable 6.1.1 Interim progress report to commission (18 month)

Project Periodic Report: Deliverable 6.1.1 Interim progress report to commission (18 month)

Dr. Steven Mackinson – CEFAS / GAP2 Coordinator 

Capacities Part 5, Science in Society. 5.1 First Action Line – A more dynamic governance of the science and society relationship

This deliverable is an 18 month progress report on the GAP2 project, encompassing the period between the 1st of April 2011 to the 30th of September 2012.

To read the report in full, please click on the link here.

Executive Summary:

Summary description of project context and objectives: GAP2 is forging a stronger and deeper collaboration between stakeholders, scientists and policy makers, who together are working towards sustainable fisheries for Europe. Partners in GAP2 are achieving this through (1) influencing activities that promote and facilitate stakeholder participation in fisheries research and debate on governance, and (2) Demonstration and evaluation activities, where stakeholders, scientists and policy makers share their knowledge through learning-by-doing and critical reflections.

Spanning Europe from Sweden to Spain, the project’s 13 participatory research case studies, serve as models of Responsible Research and Innovation, showing how stakeholders and scientists can best learn from one another. Collectively GAP2 scientists and fisheries are making a difference to fisheries research and policy on a local, national and regional scale. GAP2’s outcomes provide a concrete realization of Science in Society objectives for engaging society in research in ways that provide better conditions for collective choices on scientific issues that affect the lives and livelihoods of EU citizens.

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