Science in Dialogue – Conference on Responsible Research and Innovation

Odense, Denmark. GAP2’s Mark Dubois spoke at the EU Presidency conference ‘Science in Dialogue’, which took place on the 23rd-25th of April 2012. He took part in a workshop on day 2, titled ‘A Fruitful Relationship Between Research and Politics’.

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What Happened

The conference was an opportunity for European stakeholders – policy makers, research institutions, business representatives, science communicators and civil society – to meet and discuss the interaction between science, innovation and society. The aim of the conference was to provide input on aspects of a European model for Responsible Research and Innovation and how it might be introduced in future EC legal and financial structure. Through a series of five workshops, it drew upon the participants’ ideas, opinions and suggestions in an interactive conference format.

Mark Dubois talks in the video below about his workshop. Mark Dubois is a PhD Fellow at Innovative Fisheries Management (IFM), an Alborg University Research Center in northern Denmark.


Conference results have not yet been published, but suggestions from the workshop participants can be found below.

Science in Dialogue – suggestions from workshop participants.
Mark Dubois’ presentation at the Science in Dialogue conference: ‘Stakeholder Mobilisation and Mutual Learning for Fisheries Policies’


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