Bridging the Gap
Welcome to the latest edition of Bridging the Gap, covering GAP2's latest news, an interview with fisheries scientist Martin Pastoors and what's coming soon for the GAP2 project.
The Fishermen on Lake VätternAxes & Horse Heads: GAP2 Goes DeepGAP2's Swedish case study investigates the mysterious differences in spawning times of the whitefish of Lake Vättern.
© Robert ApsMutual Learning in Estonia: Marine Spatial PlanningHow will marine spatial planning impact different marine stakeholders? GAP2 scientist Robert Aps chaired a discussion amongst the people affected.
Steve MackinsonSteve Mackinson’s Blog: Collaboration on Shark FinningSteve Mackinson explores how the New Zealand fishing industry, scientists and policy makers are working together on the controversial issue of shark finning.
Igor Celic introducing himself
© Tomaso FortibuoniIgor Celic’s Blog: The Social Science WorkshopSocial scientists "attacked with their knowledge like a tsunami"; Igor Celic describes the GAP2 workshop in Italy.
Napier TrawlerRead All About It: The GAP2 Exchange BlogsGAP2 scientists have been traveling all over the world to find out how fishermen's expertise are used elsewhere. Find out what they've learned by reading their blogs.
Social Science Workshop Interview with Martin Pastoors“By being in the situation you are trying to study, you are able to change that situation.”

During GAP2's social science workshop in Italy, GAP2 scientists were interviewed, providing an overview of the workshop, its contents and an insight into how they feel they benefitted from the experience.

Martin Pastoors talks about how studying both biology and anthropology has led him to believe in combining natural science with social science and his experiences of interacting with policy makers and fishermen.

Coming soon

Kari's Exchange!
Our next GAP2 exchange begins in April 2013 when Kari Stange, a researcher from Wageningen University, travels to Scotland to work with the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation. Kari will be exploring how the fishing industry’s views and messages are communicated to every political level in Europe. You can keep up with Kari’s experiences in her blog

GAP2 in Canada.
Dr. Marloes Kraan is travelling to St. Andrews in Canada to spend time with the Canadian Fisheries Research Network (CFRN), an organisation linking researchers, the fishing industry and governmental representatives. Whilst in Canada Marloes will be talking to fishermen and scientists on boats and on land during the lobster season, investigating how Canada uses fishers’ valuable knowledge and experience. You can read about her experience in the Martin Pastoors' Canadian exchange blog.

Crabbers in Norway
During the first week of April, British crab fishermen will be travelling to Northern Norway to meet with local cod fishermen. Fishing in the Norwegian sea together, the two groups will be sharing experiences of working with scientists in managing their fisheries sustainably. Also on the trip will be several journalists so keep your eyes on the website.