Bridging the Gap
Welcome to the latest edition of Bridging the Gap, bringing you news from our science-fisher partnerships across Europe and our exchange trips in Canada and New Zealand. Watch a British crab fisherman speak about the pleasures of his work and find out what's coming up next in the GAP2 project.
canadian-flag-640The GAP2 Exchange: Europe & CanadaGAP2 investigates science-fisher partnerships in Canada! Pablo, Saša & Marloes report on their experiences looking at the collaboratively managed lobster fishery.
The Embassy theatre, where the Hobbit had its premier. © Steve  MackinsonSteven Mackinson’s Blog: Lessons learned from New ZealandOn coming to the end of his GAP2 exchange 5 month stay in New Zealand, Steve Mackinson reflects on what Europe can learn from the other side of the world.
Testing push-up traps24 Months On: Progress Update of the Swedish case studyNovel traps and new species! Alfred Sandström updates on the Swedish case study and their efforts developing a selective fishery in Lake Vättern.
© Robert Aps24 Months On: Progress Report from the Estonia case studyStakeholder involvement establishes Kihnu Island’s National Park: Robert Aps updates on Estonian case study's progress so far.
folded-newspapersGAP2 in the MediaThe Guardian, IntraFish, International Innovation... Catch up with GAP2's coverage in the media.
A Few Fisherman’s Thoughts"It's probably why I never did very well in maths. The maths class was on the top floor looking at the fishing boats. I used to dream about being on that boat, going out and coming back... I think it's in your blood really."

UK Fisher, Kevin Arscott reflects on the GAP2 exchange to Norway.

As well as Kevin, UK fishers Alan Steer and David Morgan also went, and reflected, on the exchange. You can hear all their thoughts here.
Coming soon

On June 24th, GAP2 partners from across Europe will come together in Amsterdam for the project’s Annual General Meeting. Hailing from Spain to Norway, Malta to Estonia, researchers and fishermen will join together to discuss GAP2’s findings, progress and future plans. Keep up to date with the outcomes on the website.

Giving Small-Scale Fisheries A Place
On June 25th, also in Amsterdam, The European Commission's DG MARE is hosting a Policy Day with Too Big To Ignore - the global partnership for small-scale fisheries. Common Fisheries Policy reform extends Member States’ rights to restrict fishing zones in their coastal waters and new financial arrangements aim to provide support – but do we know enough to govern these fisheries effectively? This event will bring policy makers, fishers, NGOs and scientists together to understand and address the challenges.