Bridging the Gap
Welcome to the first 2014 edition of Bridging the Gap. In this instalment: GAP2 learns about collaborative approaches to shark conservation in the UK; more news from the GAP2 Exchange in Barcelona; an update on our case study in Galicia; and GAP2 meets HRH the Prince of Wales to talk fish and sustainability!
Thornback Ray, 1767GAP2 out and about: Shark By-Watch UK meetingRecently our GAP2 Communications Officer, Katrina Borrow, took a trip across town to attend the 'Shark By-Watch UK' showcase meeting in London, and learn more about collaborative research in action around UK inshore fisheries.
GAP2 attends FITF steering group meetingGAP2 colleagues Alan Steer and Steve Mackinson attend a Fishing Into The Future (FITF) steering group meeting, contributing their expertise to discussions with HRH Prince of Wales.
Closed SeasonMaiken Bjorkan’s Blog: The Red Shrimp LTMP – Getting to Know the Fishers’ PerspectiveAnthropologist Maiken Bjorkan interviews a number of fishers, to get their views on long-term planning for their red-shrimp fishery.
Giving European Small-Scale Fisheries a Place: Research Priorities and OpportunitiesEaskey Britton, from the global research partnership 'Too Big To Ignore' writes on their first research brief for GAP2.
New Horizons in the Co-Management of the Octopus Fishery: An Update on GAP2’s Galicia Case study

GAP2 has case studies all over Europe, and this month we hear back from our team in Galicia. Led by GAP2 scientist Pablo Pita Orduna, this case study focuses on the 'Territorial Use Rights in Fisheries' (TURF) model and its potential application across northern Spain.

To read more on the GAP2 Galicia case study, click here.

Looking at this stunning picture from Pablo Pita Orduna, can you guess what it is?
Coming soon
Later this month (February 26th) GAP2 partners will be gathering in Brussels to discuss the reformed CFP and how to 'put the science into regionalization'. To read a policy briefing on the topic of the day’s discussions, click here.

Coming up in March, GAP2 will be supporting a workshop in Brixham, UK, focussing on scallop fishing in the Channel. With delegates from both sides of the Channel attending to discuss a long-term management plan for the fishery, the event promises to be a great example of the benefits of collaboration.

Remember to keep an eye on the GAP2 website for more news and updates.

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