The Lakes Exchange – Day One

The latest in our 2014 series of #GAP2exchange trips is underway now! This week a team of scientists, fishers, and policy managers from GAP2’s Lake Vättern case study in Sweden travel to Lake Constance to see what can come out of mutual knowledge-sharing for lake fisheries. 

“Linking whitefish fisheries in Lake Constance and Lake Vättern – an exchange trip to the heart of Central European lake fisheries”

By GAP2’s Dr Alfred Sandström image001 © GAP2

The GAP2 case-study from Swedish Lake Vättern has just initiated an exchange trip to alpine Lake Constance. GAP2 fishermen, scientists and stakeholders involved in the Lake Vättern Fisheries Co-management group are searching for inspiration in this highly related fishery.

We aim to meet fellow fishermen, scientists and managers involved in the governance of what is most probably Europe’s largest whitefish fishery. On site we will meet researchers from the University of Konstanz (the main scientific organization that works with the fisheries in Lake Constance) and the IBKF, the multi-national management body that are responsible for the management of this fisheries.

Sweden_Fishermen pulling nets_IMG_0013 © GAP2We travel collectively to Lake Constance, besides fishermen and scientists in the GAP2 case-study, all of the participants in the co-management group will be involved in order to collaboratively compare and learn from a different management system and the practices used in this fisheries.

We anticipate that this exchange trip will give us healthy perspectives and enable us to reflect upon our own roles and responsibilities. The proposed exchange trip will be an important possibility to learn directly from other fisheries-scientist partnerships that have faced and tried to solve similar problems. We expect to learn a variety of things from this exchange: how scientists and fishermen work together in Lake Constance, how the whitefish fishery has dealt with by-catch problems, and how this multi-national management has dealt with conflicts between stakeholders.

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