Steven Mackinson’s Blog: Happy New Year!

Steve is living in New Zealand for six months to spend time with the Seafood Industry Council (SeaFIC). Steve wants to better understand how the Council successfully brings scientists and fishermen together, through promoting industry’s involvement in research, data analysis and policy advice. You can see all his blog posts here.

Hottest Christmas for 80 years recorded in Wellington, New Zealand! At a rocketing 36°C, the Christmas turkey could have been baked outside. My family and I were kindly invited to my host’s house for Christmas and were treated to a wonderful feast shared with his family and friends. We were given a warm welcome and enjoyed joining in the kids’ epic water fight that kept them cool for several hours. In the last ten days, we’ve led a nomadic lifestyle, camping around the North Island taking in some well travelled and some less touristic destinations. Finding ourselves lucky to be just ahead of the rain, we thoroughly enjoyed the scenic Department of Conservation campgrounds. A couple of nights around New Year at Taupo the local teenagers saw to it that we had little sleep, but balanced by some wonderful kayaking and trout fishing it was worth it.


Everyone back at work today, all with many things to catch up on. At least at Christmas time, even the spam emailers seem to take some time off! Wishing you all a Happy New year.

Video: The Haka GAP2 Style!

Steve and Thomas, hard at work, exploring “cultural values” in New Zealand.


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