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ICES Insights is out – and with it, an update from GAP2’s overall coodinator, Dr Steven Mackinson, on what GAP2 has been up to for the last four years, and why. 

ICES Insight Magazine. Number 51 (2014) (c)ICES

ICES Insight Magazine. Number 51 (2014) (c)ICES

Here at GAP2 we love to share news about how our collaborative efforts across Europe’s fisheries are progressing.  In this year’s publication of Insights, GAP2 coordinator Dr. Steven Mackinson discusses how the project has progressed so far and what this means for sustainability in the EU’s seas. The article shares how participatory research can contribute towards more sustainable fishing practices in our seas, and discusses a few of the ways in which GAP2 is contributing to the world of collaborative fisheries science.

To access the article in full, please click here and go to page 30. Or read on for a brief summary.


“ Our hope for the future is not only to grow the red shrimp fishery, but to grow it sustainably” – Conrad Massaguer, skipper of the “Nova Gasela”, Palamos, Spain.

Working together for a sustainable future ©  ICES

Working together for a sustainable future © ICES

The GAP project has used collaboration to help develop the  knowledge base for sustainable fisheries since 2008. Dr. Mackinson discusses how participatory research over the years has become increasingly scientifically credible and legitimate, allowing for participants with different perspectives to construct and share knowledge towards the common goal of sustainability.

Dr. Mackinson shares with us why collaboration is vital for present day and why it has become an important tool. He also explains how such a method is becoming widely used, and which methods GAP2 has to offer to facilitate this. To find out more of the above, and what the next steps for the GAP2 project are, please click here.

Working together for a sustainable future © ICES

Working together for a sustainable future © ICES

ICES Insight is ICES’ annual magazine, which features the work that is taking place within the ICES community. The aim of this publication is to communicate ICES science to all stakeholders, including a broader audience.

This year ICES insight contains eight interesting articles. To access the magazine in full, please click here! To find more about ICES work and other publications, have a look on their website

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